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Royal Canin Club Pro Energy

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Royal Canin Club Pro Energy - 20 Kg

RThe Royal Canin Club Pro Energy is a specially formulated food for all adult dogs that have a high energy requirement. This has been formulated keeping in mind the requirements of hunting and rescue dogs who work for long and need additional energy to get through the day. The 20kg pack is perfect to meet all those requirements.

The 20kg Pro Energy pack is a rich source of high quality fats and is extremely digestible. This helps the dogs to absorb all the energy within the body. It is frequently required by dogs, which have high activity level such as racing, sledging, hunting or just participating in various rescue operations. It will help your dog to remain healthy and perform the required jobs without getting tired and sick. It will ensure that he maintains his or her optimal health.


    High energy food
    Suits the requirement of all sledge, racing and rescue dogs
    Highly digestible
    Quickly absorbs within the body


    Ingredients: Grains, meat and animal by-products, oils and fats, plant by-products, plant protein extracts, yeast, fish and fish by-products


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