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Baephar Bone builder

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Baephar Bone Builder- 100 tabs

Beaphar Bone Builder provides the essential building blocks for strong, healthy bones and teeth.
It is a nutritional supplement containing calcium and phospherous in a balanced ratio.
Bone Builder can be fed to growing puppies and kittens, and is also of great value to pregnant and nursing animals.
It is also suitable for animals fed a largely meat-based diet, which is likely to be dificent in calcium and phospherous.
Suitable for pups and kittens.

Daily for small dogs, cat and puppies  1 cup
2 scale medium-sized breed dogs, large breeds
Pregnant and lactating dogs is recommended to be mixed with 3 scales dinner


        crude proten                                 2.1%
        crude fibre                                     0.1%
       crude oil and fats                            0.2%
       crude ash                                        66.2%
       moisture                                          13.6%
      calcium                                             22.3%
      phosphorus                                      13.3%
     potassium                                           0.1%
    megnesium                                          0.8%

    contains no additives.


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