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Cibau Adult All Breed size

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Cibau Adult Formula All Breed Size Dog Food (1kg/3kg/15kg)

Cibau Adult Formula is a complete food for adult dogs with normal levels of physical activity. Cibau Adult Formula contains all the best possible ingredients to offer your dog a complete and balanced diet. Chicken to guarantee top quality protein intake; rice and maize for energy in the form of carbohydrates; beetroot pulp as the source of noble fibers to favour correct intestinal movement; chicken fat to make the product particularly appetising and also provide a good source of energy; fish oil and vegetable oil guarantee a perfect balance of fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6); brewer’s yeast to help improve intestinal activity and rich in vitamins B and D. Cibau Adult Formula contains vitamins and other elements for a correct and balanced diet.

Dehydrated chicken meat (28%), rice (28%), corn (26%), chicken fat (6%), dehydrated fish, dried beetroot pulp (4%), fish oil (2%), vegetable oil (1%), sodium chloride, dried brewer’s yeast (0,3%).

Nutritional value per kg

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 10000 IU; Vitamin D3 1000 IU; Vitamin E (Alfa-tocopherol 91%) 100mg; Vitamin C 100mg; Niacin 25mg; pantotenic acid 10mg; Vitamin B2 5mg; Vitamin B6 4mg; Vitamin B1 3mg; Vitamin K3 (M.S.B. 53%) 1mg; Vitamin H 0,25mg; folic acid 0,30mg; Vitamin B12 0,04mg; choline chloride 1500mg; Zn-zinc oxide 108mg; Zn-zinc sulphate monohydrate 120mg; Mn-manganous sulfate monohydrate 150mg; Fe-ferrous sulphate monohydrate 44mg; Fe-ferrous carbonate 60mg; Cu-copper sulphate pentahydrate 50mg; I-calcium iodate anhydrous 2,4mg; Se-sodium selenite 0,22mg; DL-Methionine 1500mg.

Typical Analysis

Moisture 9,00%
Raw proteins  25,00%
Raw fats and oils 12,00%
Raw fiber   2,00%
Raw ashes   6,50%
Calcium  1,20%
Phosphorus   0,90%
Size : 1 kg and 3 kg

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