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Royal Canin Kitten 36

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Your kitten grows in two different phases. The development of your kitten slows down a little from four months to one year. The Royal Canin Kitten 36 in 2 kg helps your little feline to develop her digestive system and natural defences. It gives the kitten proper nutrition for a healthy growth.

The food is perfect to help in strengthening the bones, which is required till the final set of teeth appear. The Royal Canin Kitten 36 in 2kg contains certain healthy prebiotics such as mannan and digestible proteins that help to maintain the immunity by developing anti bodies. The kibble size is kept small the density is kept at a level, which allows and stimulates the brushing action. It helps to maintain the formation of plaque on the kitten’s teeth.


    Helps your kitten in the second stage of its development
    Facilitates proper growth
    Strengthens bones
    Kibble size stimulates brushing action


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