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Royal Canin Giant Junior

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The Royal Canin Giant Junior food is an effective combination of nutrients that helps to maintain the fragile digestive system of your giant breed junior dogs i.e. from four month to 18months old dog. The 15kg pack has been fortified with LIP proteins along with a balanced intestinal flora that is prebotics FOS and MOS that ensures good quality of stool.
The 15kg pack of the Giant Junior food helps in the muscle development as well with its protein and L-canitine content and helps the puppies in their second growth phas, which is from eight month onwards. This also helps in the bone mineralization and ensures an appropriate content for calcium and phosphorous which helps to provide support to bones and joints. It comes with natural defences, which helps to prevent various diseases.

    Ensures good quality of stool
    Helps in the muscle development
    Provides support to bones and joints
    Prevents various diseases

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