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Cibau Adult Large Breed

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Cibau Adult Large Breed is a complete, balanced food for large breed adult dogs (28-40 kg) age 1 to 6 and giant breed dogs (>40 kg) age 2 to 5 with a normal degree of physical activity. Cibau Adult Large Breed consists of larger than normal kibbles for better munching. It contains only the very best ingredients needed to get a complete, balanced diet: Chicken to guarantee top quality protein intake; rice and maize for energy in the form of carbohydrates; beetroot pulp as the source of noble fibers to favor correct intestinal movement; glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate for healthy joints; carnitine for optimal and complete conversion of fats into energy; fish oil and vegetable oil guarantee a perfect balance of fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6); F.O.S (fruit oligosaccharides) and brewer’s yeast to improve intestinal functions. Cibau Adult Large Breed contains all the minerals and vitamins for a correct and balanced diet. Feeding guidance: see table. Note: the quantities given are the recommended daily allowance in grams; it may be necessary to adjust these to suit the condition of your dog.

 Always leave your dog a clean bowl of fresh water throughout the day. 


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